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Summer Salt

Summer Salt is our annual writer's retreat.  

Each summer since 2011 Jeffrey Sweet & Kristine Niven have met with a gang of writer-improvisors like Dan Castellaneta, Deb Lacusta, Cheri & Bill Steinkellner, Deborah Laufer, Ron West, Catherine Butterfield, Mike Descoteaux, Jonathan Stark, Michael Gellman and Pam Victor.


For a week, we improvise scenes and character explorations based on each other’s suggestions to jump-start the creation of new plays, screenplays, sketches and TV scripts. Plays by Laufer and Butterfield which were worked on at these retreats have played off-Broadway, and several short plays have been part of AND’s Eclectic Evening of Shorts: Boxers & Briefs. Plays developed by Castellaneta/Lacusta and the Steinkellners have played on the West Coast and at festivals around the country.


Summer Salt is by invitation only.  If you are interested in being considered to participate, please contact us at


Summer Salt Alumni


Triza Cox, Tom Riis Farrell, Cheryl Lilko Games, Jeremy Kereken, Ali MacLean, Kristine Niven, Daryl Phillipy, Jeffrey Sweet


Triza Cox, Jack DeAngelis, Tom Riis Farrell, Deb Maclean, Kristine Niven, Janet Stanford, Jeffrey Sweet


Nick Brown, J. Julian Christopher, David Impiccatore, Erin Lavallee, Ali MacLean, Dan March, Kristine Niven, Rani O'Brien, Jeffrey Sweet, Kit Vinsick


Avery Bargar, Catherine Butterfield, Joey Frangieh, Janice Goldberg, Jeff MacKinnon, Carolyn Mignini, Kristine Niven, Suzanne Rand, Eleanor Reissa, Natalie Storrs, Jeffrey Sweet, Ron West



Janice Goldberg, David Impicciator, Katie Mack, Matt Mezzacappa, Kristine Niven, Jeffrey Sweet, Christina Vinsick, Pamela Gaye Walker, Jared Wilder



Nick Brown, Jan Buttram, Jeff MacKinnon, Kristine Niven, Robert Rosenbaum, Jonathan Stark, Natalie Storrs, Jeffrey Sweet, Christina Vinsick, Nana Visitor



Nick Brown, Hilary Chaplain, Margaret Geraghty, Jeff MacKinnon, Kristine Niven, Jonathan Stark, Jeffrey Sweet, Pam Victor, Robert Woo



Dan Castellenetta, Deana Criess, Mike Descoteaux, Michael Gellman, Deb Lacusta, David Mogolov, Kristine Niven, Nicole Pandolfo, Deborah Smith, Jonathan Stark, Jeffrey Sweet, Rick Thomas, Jared Wilder


Catherine Butterfield, Mike Descoteaux, Kristine Niven, Nicole Pandolfo, Jonathan Stark, Jeffrey Sweet, Ron West, Jeff Zinn


2012 – Mystic

Dan Castellenetta, Anthony Ellison, Leah Emmerich, Janice Goldberg, Deb Lacusta, Deb Lauffer, Carol Lempert, Taylor Negron, Krstine Niven, David Sinker, Cheri Steinkellner, Jeffrey Sweet, Scotty Watson



Catherine Butterfield, Dan Castellenetta, Deb Lacusta, Krstine Niven, Jonathan Stark, Bill Steinkellner, Cherie Steinkellner, Jeffrey Sweet, Ron West.

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