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Welcome to ANDTheatre

ANDTheatre Company celebrates the diversity of our community and strives to create a space where everyone feels welcome, safe and supported. We do not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind and stand with those seeking justice and equity.

We believe theatre has the power to give everyone a voice and move people to action. Your voice is more important than ever, and we would be honored to be a platform for its expression.

We stand in solidarity with those who are protesting violence and injustice, and we continue our regular programming for those in need of connection and creation.


ANDTheatre Company is dedicated to developing new works for performance – plays, solo shows, acts and whatever else talented people might do to engage an audience. AND offers artists of all levels the opportunity to acquire new skills as well as develop, workshop and produce projects. As a large number of our members have experience improvising, there is a special interest in works and formats derived from the pioneering explorations by Viola Spolin, Paul Sills and Del Close. Written projects exclusive of improvisation are also encouraged and welcome. AND supports performing artists and their projects from inspiration through perspiration to production by providing rehearsal and performance space, offering educational opportunities with world-class teachers and mentors at subsidized prices, and helping actors, writers, directors and designers find and collaborate with each other.

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