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Without a Net

AND's marriage of script and improv

5 teams with 5 directors rehearse the same scripted play separately. 

For each performance 1 actor from each team is called to show up.

5 characters played by 5 actors who have never rehearsed together. 

Intrepid actors perform without a net.  The audience is in on the game. 


25 Performances      

25 Opening Nights



Five theatre “companies” working with our own unique cast and director to fully rehearse the play.  At no time during rehearsal will the actors or directors of each separate cast, work with each other or communicate on their process.  The design team will design the production and share the elements of design with all five companies, so that each company will rehearse knowing the parameters of the space in which they will ultimately perform.  With five casts of five actors each, we will then begin a series of 25 performances of this show. 



For each performance, the Production Stage Manager will call one actor/character from each company.  Each actor thus notified will arrive at the theatre pre-show and be kept isolated from the other actors.  Thus, when the actor steps on stage, he/she will be meeting the other actors for the first time – as do some of the characters. The audience shares a building excitement, tension and unpredictability as witness to what happens when strangers meet strangers in strange circumstances.

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