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by Jeffrey Sweet

A co-production of ANDTheatre with iTheatre Saratoga/The Creative Place International, Inc. and Hint-of-Lime Productions, Kunstler performs at The White Bear, a prestigious intimate theater in London,  May 3-18, 2024. Kunstler  continues to pull in 5-star reviews:

A Young(ish) Perspective

In this two-character piece, McCarthy immerses himself into Kunstler’s personality, bringing a theatrical showmanship which allows him to channel Kunstler’s flair for storytelling and persuasion. Norman as Kerry offers a vital counterpoint to Kunstler’s larger-than-life energy.


The Reviews Hub

 Jeff McCarthy’s (gives an) extraordinary, larger-than-life turn as the raspy-voiced “unrepentant oddball” attorney. ..  (playing) Kunstler with the passion, fervour, and expansive hand gestures of an evangelical priest. 

Nykila Norman’s understated performance as the patiently questioning black seminar leader Kerry provides the perfect foil for McCarthy’s exuberance. 

Two tremendous performances ensure Kunstler stands out as a cut above the standard bioplay.


North West End UK

Prepare to be mesmerized by a remarkable performance from Broadway star Jeff McCarthy, who brings Kunstler to life with his impeccable mannerisms, sharp wit, and characteristic humour. The play, set with dialogue only between two actors on stage, masterfully brings to life a litany of American freedom Politics. Nykila Norman and Jeff McCarthy’s exchanges are a dance of intellect and wit as they spar over the critical cases Kunstler took up. The dialogue adds depth and tension to the narrative, keeping the audience engaged and intrigued.

Kunstler by Jeffrey Sweet
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