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Improv to Script

Course Description

Improv to Script is a workshop for writers, directors, actors and improvisors–anyone looking to create scripted material. Using techniques developed by improvisors and writers from early Viola Spolin through Jeffrey Sweet, Dan Castellaneta, Christopher Guest, Catherine Butterfield, we explore the use of improvisation as one of the tools to create and heighten scripted work. Using your written pages, ideas or scenarios we will read your script as written and improvise in support of character and story development as requested. The result is scripted material–full plays, short plays, screen plays, teleplays, sketches–many of which have gone from this workshop to production.


Led by Kristine Niven, Artistic Co-Director Emerita, ANDTheatre Company; Director of AND’s Improv-to-Script Summer Salt Retreat; former Administrator Director of Second City Training Center-NY.


Meets weekly on Zoom

Mondays, 6p-8p Eastern Time

4-week sessions to best serve participants.  


Cost: $60 for 4-week session.

To learn more or to sign up, email

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