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An Eclectic Evening of Shorts: Boxers & Briefs

Our short play festival performs annually at a theatre in New York City.  We look primarily for work from company members and workshop participants and also include an open call for submissions.  ​

Throughout the past fifteen years, we have presented over 170 new plays by authors from the well-known to the soon-to-be-known. It has been a launching pad for short films (What Came After by Christopher Oscar Peña, directed by Tonya Pinkins), for full-length plays (Suddenly a Knock at the Door by Robin Goldfin, directed by David Carson, based on a story by Etgar Keret) and published in short play anthologies (Family of Flechner by Gregory Fletcher; Lunchtime at Westfield High by Nicole Pandolfo, Mae the Magnificent by Margo Hammond; Give & Take and The Hotel Lobbyist by Bara Swain).

Revisit Past Performances here. 

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