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"David Razowsky radiates a newness that is magnificently magical…He teaches with specificity and a clear and precise voice that, at one moment, can attack the center of a problem with ferocious veracity and simultaneously hold sacred space for the artist’s journey."

–Alexandra Billings

“How do I work with THAT?” 


You’re excited to start a scene, but your partner throws you off with confusing opening lines like these: “For an engineer, you have excellent taste in shoes.” Or, “I love you because you’re tall, you’ve read War and Peace, you oversalt your food, and I like the juicer you got me for Christmas.” Follow their lead, and you find yourself falling down a rabbit hole at the very beginning of the scene.

This unique masterclass, straight out of David Razowsky’s groundbreaking book A Subversive’s Guide to Improvisation: Moving Beyond “Yes, And", will give you some highly usable tools to help you connect to your partner and help ground your scenes

January 23, 6pm-9pm

AMDA Studios, 244 West 54th Street, NYC

Tuition:  $80

To Register:

1 ANDsemble Improv Facebook.jpg

Pay-What-You-Can Improv 

Led by Scotty Watson & members of the ANDSemble. Whether you're brushing up, a brand new improviser, or you're just looking for something new on a Tuesday, we'd love to have you for 90 minutes of improv fun.

Tuesdays, 6p-7:30p Eastern

Midtown location

For more info, mail

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