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Kosarowich  Open Windows Award

Michael Kosarowich

The Kosarowich Award is an award to theatre artists – writers, performers, directors or other contributors to the making of theatre – who have made a move from their current career to a new phase in theatre arts.  Established in memory of Michael Kosarowich who closed the door on his successful professional career and opened the window to his passion for the arts. 


During the pandemic, many playwrights found a creative focus by gathering on zoom in supportive workshops led by Jeffrey Sweet and Kristine Niven.  It was there that Michael Kosarowich found a creative home.  Mike was a dedicated member of these playwriting workshops, offering insight, careful thoughts and friendship.  His joy, kindness and sense of humor made him a valued member.  


In his lifetime, Mike closed the door on a professional life and opened a window to his love of playwriting.  He was passionate about this new focus and was finding his way in this craft, creating characters born out of his keen observation of human nature.  We feel it is fitting that in his honor we establish this award in recognition of others who are similarly moving to the next phase of their lives.   

The first Michael Kosarowich Open Windows Award was presentedat his memorial to Michelle Kristine Best.

As a widow and single mom, Michelle put her performing career on hold to see her daughters through school and into college.  With the door to raising children now closed (or perhaps more correctly, ajar...) she is looking through the open window of her passion for performing and writing.  We hope that through the award of this grant, Michelle feels the support and encouragement of us all.

To apply or submit, please contact Kristine.  To donate to support this Fund, click here.

To view a video of the memorial held for Mike in NYC on November 1, 2022, in two parts, click here & here..

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