Works in Progress
& Readings

Works-in-Progress allows AND to present our participant’s work in a reading or staged-reading format. WIPs usually come from our early process programs, e.g., Anything Goes, Improv-to-Script.  These presentations occur throughout the year as the need arises.

Recent Readings

Our most recent Reading took place Virtually this past August 2021.



by Paul Hufker

Produced virtually, this reading featured a dedicated cast from our weekly Anything Goes workshop. Paul Hufker workshopped this piece over the course of several months, bringing in new scenes every few weeks. This reading is a testament both to the skill of our artists at AND as well as the creative processes that we foster in our ongoing programs. 


Readings are free, although a suggested donation of $10 is appreciated.  For the most convenient payment method, check here.

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